Thursday, June 30, 2011

I said I would try not to talk about the NHL/Winnipeg Jets

AND I'm keeping my word! Todays topic is the new name for the relocated Manitoba Moose! They've moved to St John's newfoundland and of course they need a new name.

APPARENTLY The name in the lead right now is the St John's Caps or Ice Caps. Seriously. The choice is either name yourself similar to a Washington based team despite having no connection, or name yourself after a Tim Horton's beverage.

I have however heard some better names, and have even thought of a few of my own.

Some of the better names I've heard have been: St John's Aviators, St John's Pilots, St. John's Sealers, St John's Icebergs, St John's Explorers.. you could substitute Newfoundland for St John's, but either way, I've come up with the ultimate name.

The Newfoundland Labradors. Or Newfoundand Labs. Or Newfoundland Retrievers. Hear me out! It celebrates both Newfoundland and Labrador at the same time without being wordy, celebrates a cool dog that everyone loves, you can make the logo a Lab with a hockey stick in its mouth.. It works great! Heres a crappy photoshoop of a horrible concept jersey I created in 5 minutes..
It's a bit rough.. heh.. but It could work!

I like Aviators as well. Actually Manitoba Aviators or Winnipeg Aviators would have been a decent compromise instead of .. ah I won't go there. I promised myself I would try not to blog about the Winnipeg Jets for a while and dagnabbit I'm sticking to it!

But Ice Caps.. seriously? SERIOUSLY?


John Dobbin said...

I like the St. John's Clubs.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...


you could have a simple logo based off of a club from a card deck.

and a bloodied baby seal!