Sunday, March 20, 2011

CJOB Anniversary

So I was listening to CJOB last week for some reason and they started playing retro bumpers and sound effects which I vaguely remember from when CJOB was actually a good radio station. Then I got to wondering if old people in care homes were listening, would they start getting confused and wander outside thinking it's still the 60's? I didn't hear anything, so I guess their security held up but it was probably a pretty close call there.

Congratulations CJOB on finally being allowed to take advantage of senior citizen discounts. Maybe you can buy yourselves an FM transmitter one day.

I always wonder why they don't just get rid of that Jazz station they seem to own and replace it with a rebroadcast of CJOB. The only thing keeping them from getting a license is CRTC ownership rules.


Anonymous said...

CJOB applied for an FM transmitter license a few years ago but was turned down.

The View from Seven said...

CJOB might get a second shot at getting an FM signal on 106.1 if CFJL/The Jewel, which was licenced in 2008 but is still not on the air nearly three years later, throws in the towel or can't make it to air before their licence expires in 2015.

Failing that, it's slim pickings. Winnipeg is completely out of usable commercial FM frequencies.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

No I get that there aren't a lot of slots available in the FM (barring an increase of the FM spectrum to Japanese levels after the digital cutoff) I just wonder why they keep the Jazz station going when they clearly would prefer to have CJOB simulcast on FM. Yet they own Power, so they can't keep both Power and the Jazz station and also have a third FM station.

Though I must point out that technically 87.7 could be made available after the digital cutoff once Channel 6 CBC is gone in August.