Monday, July 26, 2010

John Tesh WTF

So occasionally I scan through the FM radio stations on my cell phone when I'm bored. Occasionally I land on one of those light pop rock 80's/90's stations I don't know which one, but occasionally John Tesh has a syndicated show. Whenever he comes on to say something, without fail, it is the most fucked up piece of trivia you could regurgitate. "John Tesh here, did you know that there is a tiny mosquito that lays eggs in the penis or vagina and causes extreme pain? It's true! And you can get it from the common public toilet seat!" or "John Tesh here, news out of holyfuck university has it that if you wash your hands with anti-microbial hand wash, you now have AIDS!!!" How does his show stay on the air? Who wants to hear this stuff? What the hell, John Tesh. EVERY FREAKIN TIME. "did you know the common household sponge contains 50% EBOLA virus and 26% the bacteria that causes beubonic plague?" .. no? Well John Tesh does. Stop it, John Tesh.

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