Sunday, February 07, 2010


Today we will be discussing the word RETARD.

There is a website called The "R" Word which has the slogan "when you say retard, someone hurts". Which I find to be completely retarded.

Heres the thing, people replaced the word retard with "special" and "special" came to have the same meaning. Any word you replace retard with will eventually come to have the same derogatory connotation, so why change the word?

I'm willing to bet the chinese word for retard is an insult, the japanese word for retard likewise. Being mentally retarded is not really something to strive for in society, its an unfortunate thing that has a negative connotation.

The word means something that is mentally inferior. If something is retarded, it is mentally inferior. If something is mentally inferior, then that is just the way things are. If that hurts someone, then thats too bad.

In my opinion there is too much attention paid to the feelings of others in this world we live in.

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