Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Own the Tedium

I'm not a fan of the olympics. I can stomach the Winter Olympics because there are some sports involved that I actually enjoy watching, but the Olympics in general are a tool for corruption run by aristocracy. I agree in theory with the spirit of the games, but lets be realistic here, the games stopped being about friendly competition and became about winning years ago with Adolf Hitler.

Now Canada has for the duration of the Olympics (foolishly) believed in that ideal despite all of the evidence to the country. A while back, Canadian sports organizations surely figured enough was enough and the "Own The Podium" program began. Spurred on by the fact that Canada didn't want to be embarrassed at an Olympic games it is itself hosting. Nevermind the embarrassment of the opening ceremonies showcasing Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Igloos, Native Canadians, more Igloos, and wheat. WTF was that you ask? That's what you get when you let the Canadian government influence the opening ceremonies. The CBC still reported complaints about the lack of French. They would have reported complaints if the event was 80% in French. Why do they even bother trying to appease Quebec? Theres no point in pushing French on the world. But that's neither here nor there.

The point of this post is Canada has severely underfunded athletes. Own the Podium was an effort to even the playing field and give Canadian athletes a SPORTING CHANCE. Especially against teams like China's who are able to make Curling a permanent vocation on the communist governments dime.

As for the death of a Luger being blamed on lack of practice time.. well, he was 1) killed during practice time, and 2) Canada has given more practice time for competing teams to use the facilities than any other olympic host. We have gone above and beyond. So STFU London.

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