Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yes, Pizza Hut is crap, I know every time I eat it, but hey if its good enough for the Ninja Turtles then damnit shutup.

However, have you ever called Pizza Hut after 11PM on a friday or saturday? NO GO. That amazes me, a pizza place that closes before 11 on a FRIDAY NIGHT.

They used to close at like 1AM I'm positive of it. I don't know if they can't find people to deliver pizzas at that time of night, or if they just haven't got any sales past 11PM.. I don't know, but hey, Pizza Hut's loss is Gondola Pizza's gain I guess.

Seriously, closed at 11PM. And don't get me started on the fact they closed the best location in Winnipeg down last month. That's right, the downtown location. Are they going to open one somewhere near downtown? Not bloody likely.

There's not really any Salisbury Houses downtown anymore either. Whats up with that? I mean, theres one I think in that health building, but they probably close at 5 or 6PM.

Winnipeg's downtown, even the places to eat are abandoning it.

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