Monday, June 01, 2009


Since I'm watching it anyways, I'm gonna live blog the tonight show with conan o'brien.

right now the news is still on. 10:31.

10:32 Now its the weather. Might rain tomorrow. They made a late night weather for Conan joke. What? Makes no sense. Yay, news is over now!

10:33 law firm commercial with an old guy who looks kind of like Johnny Carson. That's eerie.


10:35 Conan runs to L.A from New York, Forrest Gump style skit. Run Coney Run!
I bet Tom Hanks is on tonight.

10:34 Ad for A&W Texas Toast thing. I HATE TEXAS TOAST.

10:36 Doll Museum joke was sweet

10:39 Will Ferrel will be the guest! I was wrong I guess. I like the set. Blueishy and stuff. They kept the Conan O'Brien theme. Conan has a tan, shows up on film anyways. Pearl Jam are the musical guests. I hate Pearl Jam.



10:42 Let the Monologue begin.

10:45 Hilary Clinton joke. Conan's really aiming for Jay's audience with that one. That is to say, lame!

10:49 Bah I hate when they make L.A related jokes on the tonight show

10:49 Ah I missed Andy. He has some good lines.

10:51 heh Auto Bailout joke

10:52 Universal Studios skit, Conan is trying too hard

10:53 Conan "You shouldn't say WOO every time we're commiting a crime"

10:54 Ah the 99 cent store.

10:56 Commercials. Yet another hostage movie thriller. Feh. Best Buy crap commercial, bah. Except I like rock speakers, speakers that look like rocks. Tiger woods is selling something too. Ah, video game. NO JIMMY FALLON TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF oh Anne Hathaway playing the guitar she's hot NO I HATE YOU JIMMY FALLON RUINER OF ALL SNL SKETCHES.

11:00 Conan wants me to clap for Jay Leno. Nah. But he made a good Jay Leno joke.

11:02 Letter D from the hollywood sign. Horray for Hollywoo.

11:03 Conan's Ford Taurus. Hahahaah. Ah man. He's gonna get Ford as a sponsor at least.

11:05 heheh overheating rad. Maybe Ford won't be on board :)

11:10 Apparently Will Farrel is Pharoah. Wonder if all guests will get this treatment.

11:18 there sure are a lot of commercials.

11:20 shilling for Will farrel's crappy land of the lost movie, still amusing, but the movie is obviously crap on the level of bewitched.

11:21 Wonder how they show the movie preview. Jay had that popup TV. Nothing on Conan's show. You'd think he could get some sort of hologram R2D2 robot or something.

11:22 Special performance for Conan by Will Farrel. Aww.

11:24 Commercials again, then Pearl Jam. Might as well mute right now.

11:30 Pearl Jam playing the same song they've always played. Or maybe I just can't stand Eddie Vedders voice. That might be it. They're actually pretty good musicians, I just can't stand Eddie Vedders voice. Hey I learned something today.

11:36 Well, that did go by fairly quickly. It was alright. Hopefully tomorrow it'l be more of a normal show and less of a Conan welcome to L.A deal. We get it, lots of stars live in California. Bah. Surprised Will ferrel didn't do the leprechaun dance.

Tom Hanks is on tomorrow, should be good.