Sunday, June 07, 2009

CBC Radio annoyances - "Cross Country Checkup"

CBC has Canada's only National Radio Call-In-Show (according to their own website) and usually host rex murphy offers really stupid discussion topics when everyone else is thinking of something else. In a week where people are discussing the CRTC vs Private broadcasters, Rex Murphy asks "What do you think of the Governer General".. Which was also a topic that was at least newsworthy at the time, but they just talked about the Seal Hunt ban a week or two earlier. This week theres a guest host and they FINALLY get around to discussing the NHL/Ballsillie/Phoenix Coyotes issue. And after an hour and a half I decided, hey, lets see what stupid topic they've got this week. Aha, fuck, I missed an interesting show. At least they've got a Podcast I can listen to later.

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