Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm not the biggest Microsoft fan. I'm not a vehement Microsoft hater, but I do like fairness and competition and I prefer Linux on its own merits. I tried bing the other day the new search engine microsoft threw out there to replace msn search and whatever they had before, and its actually pretty well designed. I'll give microsoft credit for that. Heck it could even reinvigorate their poor reputation (microsoft I mean).. they took a lot of google's strengths and added some ideas and tweaks. Is their search superior? I dunno, it might not be. Is it servicable and a viable alternative? Yeah I think so. Do I trust microsoft with my search history? Hell no. they'll probably use it to create a robot duplicate of me. But hey, Microsoft is not incabable of producing useful tools. They didn't gain dominance of the operating system market simply by being aggressive and manipulative.

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