Monday, September 22, 2008

Good News Everybody!

The Dell Mini Inspiron 9 is finally for sale in Canada with Ubuntu's Netbook remix version of Linux!

Oddly enough, If you select the same options as the Windows version, (add 1GB ram, 8GB SSD) the Ubuntu version comes out to an extra $10.00. I don't know exactly how THAT works out, but there you have it, Linux is worth more than Windows, even though Linux is free. I guess Dell, through Microsoft is PAYING you to install Windows. That is impressive. Though I find it sad that Microsoft doesn't see fit to allow Linux and Windows to compete on a level playing field, oh no, Windows has to be $10 less as part of some OEM contract I'm sure.

What's even stranger is that Dell calls Windows XP the "Upgrade". Wait, the upgrade costs $10 less? How is that an upgrade?

I assume that Dell makes some money on the side by bundling up some annoying Windows ad-ware. That is the only explanation for why that "Upgrade" to XP is being touted.

Still, I'll probably buy the $349 Linux version. It's just too useful not to have it. Plus its upgradable, so why pay the money now for the extra ram and SSD when prices on both fall so quickly. And in the meantime, I'll have a spiffy little portable laptop.