Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chose Your own Adventure Now on DVD!

So I saw some Chose your own Adventure DVD's at the store. These have apparently been out for a while. First, I have to ask, how lazy of a kid are you that rather than read a chose your own adventure book, you go for the DVD version. Pretty damn lazy that's all I can say. Good luck on your book reports, kid. Anyways, its got decent production values, they got William H Macy, Lacy Chabert, and Frankie Muniz to provide voices for this one anyways. That's pretty impressive.

Still, I always prefered the time machine chose your own adventure series. Gotta love dinosaurs and stuff. Time machine was more educational cause you learned about history and the many ways it was possible to die in the past. I wonder if this "Abominable Snowman" dvd is based on an actual book, or if they made a whole new plot just for this DVD. And I wonder what percentage of choices result in instant death on the DVD.

Wait, I just noticed that Felicity Huffman provides voices too. Filliam H Muffman!

I saw it on sale for $2.99.. now I'm half tempted to buy it.

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