Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monopoly, World Edition - Vote Winnipeg.

Monopoly is creating an updated version of its Monopoly board using the names of the worlds most popular cities. There are two wild card positions up for grabs, and there is a movement to get Winnipeg into one of those wildcard spots, because if any city deserves to be Baltic avenue, home of slum lords and cheap hotels, its Winnipeg.

click the icon and please chose Winnipeg - Canada, as your choice for the wildcard spot. I'm appealing to your sense of Pity, also, Winnipeg is a pretty unique name, and fun to say. Plus, Winnie the Pooh, the bear, was named after Winnipeg. Really. So vote for Winnipeg. Besides, do you really want some city from Taiwan on the board instead? C'mon. Vote Winnipeg, for a better tomorrow. Also Monopoly was invented in Winnipeg. OK not really.

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