Thursday, April 02, 2015

Advances in technology are regressions

Has anyone else ever noticed that advances in technology lately are not necessarily superior to what we had in the 80s and 90s?

Sure we have cell phones and tablets and octo core processors... But the software running on them is often buggy and poorly implemented.

The Winnipeg public library used to have an easy to use and fast computer system for searching for books.  You could use telnet to access it from the Internet or over dialup.  It was easy to use and gave you information you need.  They replaced it with a poorly made web based system. 

Maybe its the way these web systems are implemented that bothers me.  But I think its deeper than that.  The lack of relevant information , the way things are programmed not being particularly optimized.  The old systems were programs.  These systems are web based scripts that access a database.  I dunno its not just the library though I don't mean to pick on them.  Its not just computers.

Toys, don't have the same quality or attention to detail.  Look at a transformer from the 80s.  Now look at a modern day one.  Still decent, but not the same. Tonka trucks. Hot wheels.  Part of it is plastic vs metal, but still.

Sure in some cases there are reasons.  the new method is cheaper, and more up to date.  OK I get it.  But don't pretend its better.  Because it rarely is.

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