Thursday, August 02, 2012

10 Digit Dialing hangups.

So 10 digit dialing is coming to Manitoba.  all 7 digit dialers will be accosted with a network message saying you gotta dial again, stupid.  

Here's what I don't get.  

Why can't Shaw and MTS et all just make it so that anyone who dials a 7 digit number gets a prompt asking if you are dialing 204 or 431?  Can't be that difficult can it? Press 1 for 204 press 2 for 431.  Easy.

I have a VoIP home phone.  My dialing plan is set so that my home phone will continue to allow me to dial 7 digits and go to any 204 number. 

Nobody dials 7 digits on their cell phones anyways.. people just touch the button and dial.  Especially with smart phones.

That said.. I can't wait to get wrong numbers with Boston accents trying to dial 413.  Bruins suck!  Oh wait.. that won't happen to me since I'm keeping my 204 numbers.  

 I think 204 should be a Winnipeg area code, and anyone outside the city should be reassigned to 431.  No particular reason either.  It would simply amuse me if that happened. 

I remember going to the children's museum as a kid and learning about the fact that numbers used to only be a few digits long back in the earliest days of the telephone.  

Oddly enough, Shaw still doesn't have ipv6 support.  That has nothing to do with 10-digit dialing, but it bothers me.

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