Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I learned from the leadership debate tonight

Greg Sellinger has the worst qualities of Al Gore combined with John Kerry. Boring, boring boring. Why is he the leader of the NDP? Why are NDP members happy with this douche? Just keeps bringing up nonsense retorts to arguments. That he's likely to win is horrible. "Jon Gerrad admitted he made a mistake! He makes mistakes! But we're perfect! hurpdedurr I'm such a douche"

Green Party guy. I'm surprised they let him in, and he was very unpolished. His ideas, or at least those of his party, are nonsensical to me. Free transit? Stupid. There are enough smelly people stinking up the buses. I'd rather have an additional transit rebate from the province for buying a monthly pass.

Liberals/Jon Gerrard. While I don't personally believe youth drop in centers are enough to stop violent crime, otherwise, I found him sincere and measured and considerate. Maybe I'll throw my vote away on him.

Conservatives/Hugh McFadyen. Talking Points, Talking Points, Talking Points! Oh, have I TALKING POINTS yet? TALKING POINTS! This is what I hate about the federal Conservatives, and obviously the same people are micromanaging things provincially. Good luck with that. Not impressive really.

Ideal (best case scenario) situation would be a minority NDP government with the liberals holding the balance of power to keep them somewhat in check.

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John Dobbin said...

The debate was disappointing.

The NDP have been extremely tiresome with their scare tactics. The Tories appear too scripted. Some of the Green plans appear to readical. And the Liberals don't have a lot of charisma.

Still, Gerrard is the type of person you want in office and there are a few ideas presented that have resonance such as Sunday shopping. None of the other parties will touch it.

The Liberals will not win this election but it would be damns shame if tey are eliminated from the legislature.