Sunday, June 13, 2010

I hate the Genie awards

I do, I seriously do. They have never rewarded anyone or anything I've ever been interested in. The most Canadian movie out this summer won't be eligible for a genie award, despite being SET in Toronto, starring a Canadian actor, being filmed on location in Toronto, being based on a comicbook created by a Torontonian, because its actually going to be entertaining. So no Genie for you. Oh, the director and the financing are not Canadian. Oh No! That's all. That's why the Canadian film industry is an inbred fucked up worthless waste of money that most Canadians don't give a fuck about. Fucking insular common sense deprived morons.

As someone whose read the comics and seen the trailers for the movie, I'm pretty excited. Looks like something I'll enjoy. Now, the GAME is something altogether even more impressive. In the style of River City Ransom, the game features Scott Pilgrim and his band Sex-Bob-Omb double dragonning their way through Toronto collecting Canadian currency from the enemies they defeat in full 16 bit retro style glory. The only sad thing is it won't be available on the Nintendo Wii, where I would think it would best fit. That said, looks fucking killer.

Anyways, heres the theatrical movie trailer.

The world is changing, and the Canadian establishment is falling further and further into irrelevancy in an inter-connected world. God, I hope a DMCA type set of laws helps us keep the status quo! (That last bit was sarcasm, subtle I know)

Should be the sleeper hit of the Summer. Hopefully holds me over for good comicbook movies until Green Lantern in 2011.

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