Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Respect is Mutual"

Ever notice how government supported industries like to put up signs that say "Respect is Mutual"? I've noticed how you only tend to see them in places like the Winnipeg Public Library or Winnipeg Transit. Now, its not that I disagree with the premise, truly you should be respectful towards people. However, I find it telling the types of places where the signs are posted. What they're really saying isn't "Respect is Mutual". What they're actually saying is "We don't respect you, we think you're garbage, and you need to realize that if we deign to get off our high horses to help you, we set the terms and conditions. We're not here for your convenience.".. I find its not preaching for mutual respect at all. Otherwise why the sign to insult our intelligence? Why have I never seen such a sign anywhere that isn't government funded?

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