Friday, April 16, 2010

Active Procrastination

So I'm at work today and the mail comes in and theres a letter about the Active Transportation workshop coming up. That they'd be all excited to have me come in and add my opinions and such to the mix, learn about whats happening, you know.. all that bullcrap. Of course, today being the 16th, and the actual date of the Active Transportation workshop being YESTERDAY, the 15th, well, that shows the brilliant minds at work there. I mean, do you want people PLANNING changes to the roadways when they can't even PLAN a PROPER MAILER?

Seriously I have no opinion one way or another on "Active Transportation". I think we do need cycling routes and such.. but whether this incompetence is on purpose or not, its a douchebaggy way of getting your way and THAT I don't stand for.

I came home and checked my mailbox and got the exact same letter. And I live a fair distance away. So.. yeah. Ridiculous.

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