Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reddit does something right

So I wake up this morning to see a bunch of atheists are indignant that their soapbox on reddit has been taken away. Well tough. I don't want to hear article after repetitious article about atheism any more than I want to read article after article espousing how great Islam is or articles about barbie doll collecting. There was way too much of that shit showing up on the front page of reddit and for no good reason. It was all the same "blah blah blah My mom disowned me for being an atheist" whinage over and over again or basically insulting people who for whatever reason, wanted to believe in religion.

Many militant atheists seem to think they're at war with religion in the same way I'm at war with velcro. But its a war they (and I) cannot win. Religion preys on the stupidest most dangerous people, and also the stupidest and most corrupt individuals. The only way to stamp it out is to eliminate corruption. Yeah exactly. Some religion will always replace another religion. Fact is we do not have all the answers, and playing games with logic isn't a sufficient solution that most people accept either.

It's not like their atheism page has been taken away, it has merely only been kept from reaching the front page of reddit. Which is good because its rarely news and only gets its signal to noise ratio due to controversy. It would be the exact same thing if they created a subreddit called /trollytrollytrolltroll and monopolized the front page. It's still trolling religion, no matter how much you think you're morally right to do it.

So again, congrats to reddit for doing the right thing for once to a group that cannot stand dissenting views. Except now they're all going to go to like locusts and ruin that too.

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