Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Google Ad's worry me

FYI this is an Ad that I encountered. Why it is in French, I do not know. Maybe Google thinks I'm french, or that I'm dumb enough to want to see Harry Potter again. I dunno. It simply perplexes me.

I wonder if I'll see more french ads. Maybe I said a french word at some point and now google thinks I'm a Quebec Separatist who loves Harry Potter and Poutine.

I mean, I can read the ad, I know what it means, but FUCK IMAX. First, the first 15 minutes of the movie are in IMAX, and they SUCK. Second, It's never on IMAX when it should be. It should be out on IMAX first. I am not going to pay to see it again. Not even for pretty good 3D. I'll save my money for Tron Legacy which will probably also suck but who cares they're racing bikes in a straight line!

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