Monday, March 02, 2009

More fun at Dollarama : Delicious creamy Vagoon!

Ah yes, Vagoon. You may remember rain poncho man, on a previous "fun at Dollarama" segment here at this very same blog. Rain poncho man wishes he could get his hands on some sweet creamy Vagoon. Imported by Dollarama Montreal, Vagoon contains 0% trans-fat, and 35% saturated fat. So if you're going to suck on some Vagoon make sure you have a gym membership. Ah Vagoon, what would we do without you? Your creamy insides and your chocolaty smooth outside.

Nothing whets my appitite like Vagoon. And you know the best Vagoon is imported from Montreal. Although I think the government of Canada should put a stop to it, no matter how much we all love Vagoon. People of all ages love Vagoon.

Ah if only urban dictionary had a crass terminology for the word Vagoon. But I doubt it. There is nothing they could do, no way they could twist such an innocent word into something evil and subversive.

Oh Vagoon, with your creamy hazelnut filling and your decadent crap flavoured chocolate outer-filling. You're like a twix bar, except horribly disgusting, and more like a chocolate covered wafery thing. Okay not that disgusting, you can learn to love sucking on vagoon, but all the same, its not for me. I choo-choo-choose you, vagoon, all 52 grams of you, for the dollarama train to confectionaries I shall never speak of again.

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