Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shaw Cable TV Channels: Showcase HD, TSN-2

Showcase HD, If you've ever wanted to watch upconverted standard definition 4:3 ratio entertainment, then SHOWCASE HD IS THE CHANNEL FOR YOU! All you have to do is pay extra for it, and voila, you get to watch Trailer Park Boys 18 times a day. Okay I exaggerate about the Trailer Park Boys, but there is not really much common sense. If you're watching an HD channel, you have an HD TV. There is no point in watching something in upconverted standard definition 4:3. It's just freakin annoying!

Showcase isn't the only channel that does it, TSN-2 does it too. I guess they can't afford the extra HD cameras. I mean, its only Curling after all.

And just an update, there are still no Digital terrestrial broadcast channels over ATSC in Manitoba. Pathetic.

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