Saturday, December 13, 2008

Transformers the movie

I saw this when it first came out, and it wasn't as bad as I thought, being a Michael Bay production, but then I watched it again, and aside from anything where the transformers are involved, its crap. What the fuck is with the desert storm bullshit? Oh hey, war in iraq, Afghanistan. and then the stupid government stuff. That was all crap, and total Michael Bay. Everything with the transformers directly.. I get the feeling Steven Spielberg was on set that day saying "how's the transformers movie doing?" .. that stuff was gold. Ugh I hate the stupid scorpion transformer war bullshit. It was totally cheesy and overdone. It was so cliche. Oh no, robot monster attacks army. OH HOW SCARY.

Half the movie was that crap. And what was with all the fat black guys in the movie? It's like Michael Bay said "lets have a metric tonne of fat black guys cast in this film" .. what was that, trying to appeal to the fat black geek demographic, which is certainly large, but again, somehow it seemed shoehorned, ironic, and stereotypical.

And theres a scene outside a burger king with people eating outside. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. People don't eat outside on the burger king patio. Bullshit. Those tables are covered with spit and urine. Nobody is that stupid.

I think if you cut out the first 25% of the movie, and another 10% spattered throughout, its decent. But what the fuck is Michael Bay's obsession with being Michael Bay?

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