Monday, July 21, 2008

Joss Whedon is a motherfucking motherfucker

Yes he is.

He puts out this web based video called Dr Horrible, which was enjoyable enough in the first two parts, but first of all was originally blocked except to US accounts (which is bullshit), then when people protested it was unblocked. So I watched part 1 and 2 which were available at the time, and they make you wait for part III. OK, fine.

So part III comes out on a friday. That's fine. I'm busy friday. I'll watch it on monday. ITS ALREADY OFFLINE ON MONDAY. What kind of bullshit marketing is this? They want to sell me a DVD? I might have been on board after the first fuck up with the region bullshit, but after they take down part III after only 3 days, a weekend no less when people have no time for browsing shit on the web? Fuck you. I don't care how it ends. I don't care to buy it on itunes or on DVD because I don't care to be fucked around with at this level.

Fuck you Joss Whedon. That was pathetic and insulting. like I'm going to adjust my schedule to fit your little release time frame. Guess what, the world doesn't work that way anymore. Thats why Tivos exist. You could have done things fairly, but you jerked me around. It's a shame too because if you hadn't jerked me around, I probably would have bought it on DVD in support of the actors involved who I generally like. But now I cannot.

Joss Whedon, you have become that which you hated. You have become the Fox execs who cancelled Firefly and the rest. Your concept of time is warped, as is your concept of internet marketing. Will you make money? Maybe you have enough dedicated fans. But you failed to convince me, and that is a grave failure that will lead ultimately to your downfall.

Oh and also I pirated it. Fuck you.

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