Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lawyersweekly.ca is in favour of new copyright law. And why wouldn't they be? They stand to make millions suing ordinary Canadians for doing what should not be made illegal.

From the Article:
"According to Sookman, the government had three choices with respect to Canada’s copyright regime. First, it could leave things as they were, which he said would not be appropriate in light of today’s digital environment. Second, it could accept that the market has no chance, and allow widespread copying, which could ultimately lead to the implementation of schemes such as that proposed recently by Canadian songwriters for an additional monthly fee on subscribers’ Internet bill to cover downloading. This, said Sookman, would destroy business models such as iTunes and drive business out of Canada. Finally, the government could reform the law in order to create a “favourable legal environment” that creates incentives for businesses to invest in Canada. According to Sookman, the proposed changes reflect this third approach."

Yes, it would destroy some business models, but not iTunes. That's ridiculous. Does Tap Water destroy the bottled water business?

Incentives for businesses to invest in Canada? More like disincentives for businesses to create in Canada. Want to write a game for a gameboy, but nintendo won't let you bypass its DRM? WELL TOUGH LUCK, CANADIAN COMPANY. Because reverse engineering for commercial purposes is also illegal with digital rights management. Want to run a DVD under Linux? Well you can't, even if it was legally reverse engineered and ridiculously simple to do so. DRM, in other words digital restriction monopolies, restrict what you can do. Everybody can be sued.

Ask yourself, Canadians. Do you really want to side with a bunch of outdated American coke snorting music executives, hollywood whores, the Bush government, and idiots who can't read? I doubt it. Just say no to Bill C-61.


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