Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a beautiful day.. don't let it get away...

No, this isn't a review of U23D .. though that will be coming sooner or later as I did watch it, no, right now I'm in a great mood. Why? The Buffalo Sabres have MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS FROM THE PLAYOFFS! It's only March 16, and they're already done! I may never win the lottery or even a free donut from Tim Hortons roll up the rim to win, but at least the Leafs offer me my only wish every single year, that they do not make it to the playoffs.

The thing is, It's not the players themselves that I hate, its the fans, who are incredibly stupid. Leafs fans should not be allowed to use the "we're number one" finger salute. NO. YOU ARE NOT NUMBER ONE. Heck, they shouldn't even be allowed to have the "we're number one" foam hands with the leafs logo.

What makes a person lose all rational thought and self-respect and become a leafs fan? Is the water in Ontario drugged with some sort of crazy drug that makes people stupid? I can understand senile old senior citizens being fans, as they may remember a time when there was less competition when the Leafs had a chance to win Stanley Cups. Of course, Montreal usually won more...

And I'm thankful that the CBC will have their lead off game of Hockey Night in Canada continue to be the Toronto Maple Laffs. Yeah, nice choice there, dumbasses.

So thank you Buffalo. For doing the inevitable.

It's a wonderful thing - when idiots suffer for their stupidity.

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