Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

Well, Futurama: Bender's Big Score came out on DVD last week. Two weeks ago if you downloaded it illegally because you couldn't wait, which I did, but I was going to buy it anyways so lay off damnit.

I enjoyed it enough, it wasn't like the TV show in that it was widescreen and actually felt more like a movie than 4 individual episodes. Which is both a positive and negative I suppose. I like the short episodes better perhaps, because they're forced to jam more story and comedy into a shorter space, wheras the movie takes its time.

Favourite scenes include Hedonism-bot's purchase of Professor Farnsworth's doomsday devices, Niblonians attacking and getting defeated by chairs, and the scene where the confusingly titled"Bender from the very end" shows up early in the second part. Also where hypnotoad kills a bitch.

Speaking of hypnotoad, I enjoyed the everybody loves hypnotoad feature, and I think it'd be amusing if they threw an episode of everyone loves hypnotoad on each DVD movie. I mean, how hard would it be. just swap a few frames and add a few commercials. Not to downplay the genius that is every episode of hypnotoad, as written by hypnotoad,
produced by hypnotoad. In conclusion, I demand more hypnotoad.

I liked the packaging well enough. The fact that the DVD is labelled with a solid gold death star is a nice touch, and the packaging sort of goes will with the television season dvd packaging.

The story was a tad weak, but I consider this essentially a first episode showing us a glimps of things to come, where they're still experimenting on things, and they may have rushed it out, and for that I'm impressed, I expect there to be much improvement in the next DVD.

Elzar and Bender doing a cooking show would also be an amusing extra feature that would require little animation. Look at me with my ideas.

All in all, It was worth the $22 Canadian I paid for it, though I resent the fact that Americans always get this shit so much cheaper. Lousy Americans.

Oh right, I rolled my eyes at the global warming carbon neutral stuff. Again, I live in Winnipeg, Canada, and most people here want global warming.

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