Thursday, November 01, 2007

Worst Halloween Candy ever!

What is the worst halloween candy ever?

I remember in my youth there were some pretty crappy candy's given out. Stuff that tasted like blue soap, which is not an actual flavour that should exist, but does. I never cared for popeye cigarettes, and leaving aside utter crap like Candy Apples and popcorn in a bag (seriously.. ), the worst candy ever is this:

god I hate these candies. I bought some this year to give out to kids who are annoying looking, but there were barely any trick or treaters this year. It was actually quite dissapointing, though I have a lot of leftover chips/various treats left over for myself to munch on. It's quite dissapointing.

Anyways these candies are some sort of maple caramels made by some quebec company called bonbon something or other.. they used to be given out all the time, luckily people dont give them out anymore it appears. then again, im not going trick or treating so how would I know, but I assume by what they sell at the store they don't give these out.

I would have liked to have handed out sunflower seeds, but the only company selling sunflower seeds in tiny halloween packages was 'spitz' and they were only the seasoned kind, which i hate. salted is how i like my sunflower seeds and thats it. I wont risk having crappy leftover treats I wont eat. Still it was a step up from last year when you couldnt find anyone selling sunflower seeds. What is it with that? They used to give them out all the time around here. Nutty Club sunflower seeds, or that other brand that uses the silver foil wrappers.. whatever.

Another thing they gave out when I was younger were packs of trading cards with the gum stick in them. Those were great, because I'd amass a huge collection of those cards and had perfect card house building material. (blue/yellow cards looked better than regular playing cards) I still have them somewhere. Even Back to the Future trading cards. Good times.

I suppose it all comes down to overprotective interest groups ruining things for kids by not allowing "advertising" to "warp" kids minds. Now Saturday morning cartoons are almost a distant memory, partly because of the fact that there are a billion channels now, but also because of the fact that they first wouldn't let them sell toys for the same products within a certain time frame of something being aired, then McDonalds wasn't allowed to advertise, and now breakfast cereals! It's disgusting, and kids today will grow up without the same sense of humour as I did about the whole thing. They may even end up more susceptible to advertising in the end, not being trained at an early age to weed out the crap toys from the ones that were actually good. And it's not like kids are stupid. They know Transformers are better than GI Joe. Not that GI Joe was bad, but if you had a choice of Megatron vs Sargent Slaughter, you'd fucking take Megatron. Except todays transformers are 100% cheap plastic. And if you wanted a Megatron toy, he wouldn't be a gun, cause you can't give children weapons! That'l make them violent! As if.

Regardless of my whole rant, those orange candies are disgusting. Though they don't make me throw up. Oh yeah, one last rant. Tootsie rolls. You know those coloured ones? Why do they make so many blue and red coloured ones, but not yellow and orange like I like ?? It's like black jujubes. NOBODY LIKES THEM, so why do they make them? It makes no sense! And it always seems like in a mix of candy, the kind you like is the least likely to be there.


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