Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Stat Holiday in Manitoba (Or: How to buy an election on the backs of business)

Recently in the local newspapers there has been a fair amount of space devoted to the idea of another stat holiday in the cold february months. The NDP was originally against the idea, but with Manitoban's realising that not only Alberta, but even Saskatchewaners are getting holidays in February perhaps we deserve one too. Of course, in Saskatchewan they're cutting the provincial sales tax by 2%, and in Alberta they have a nearly paid off debt, but thats because they're actually run reasonably well, not by money grubbing socialists.

In any case, the provincial Progressive Conservatives and Liberals were for the idea long before the NDP were. Why? Good question. I wonder. In any case, businesses are complaining that the NDP should have consulted them first. Well, guess what, you have a chance to voice your displeasure with the NDP at the next election along with everyone else. Unfortunately for you, people like Stat holidays. Frankly I think there should be one every month. Complaining about the profit loss in a dead month is rather pointless, as theres more to profit than keeping your employee as low paid as possible and overworking them. Having a long weekend and holidays are good for your employees. Deal with it.

Furthermore, the NDP have suggested calling the holiday "Tommy Douglas Day".. WHAT? Tommy Douglas? C'mon. He wasn't even a Manitoban. Personally I'd like for a Louis Riel day in February. Makes more sense than Tommy Douglas day.

Hopefully the Conservatives come up with a plan for the next election that speaks to Manitobans. Lowering the PST by 2% would be nice, more efficient taxation that might spur private enterprise would be nice too. Getting rid of all that spirited energy crap would also be good. The NDP just wasted our tax dollars on the ugliest design for drivers licenses in the country. What morons.

In any case, heres hoping things change for the better.

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