Monday, November 18, 2013

Penny Pinching at McDonalds?

I've been pretty happy with the elimination of the penny, but one place that seems to still be an issue is McDonalds.  I know I'm not the only one (hence the blog post) but either a large segment of McDonalds employees don't know how to round, or their POS systems are programmed to round incorrectly. 

I know its only a few cents but if it is McDonalds doing it on purpose then that is pretty pathetic.  I wonder if theres a complaints department for places that repeatedly do the rounding wrong?  McDonalds automates things to such a degree I can't believe that it wouldn't have a point of sale system that doesn't do the rounding automatically..

Am I (and the people I speak to) the only ones who have noticed this or is this actually a common occurrence?  

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Anonymous said...

It isn't only McD's....was at KFC the other day and the total for my order came to $33.90. Handed the cashier $40.00, but she entered .40 cents. The chaos that ensued was hilarious, if not an indictment of her schooling (hello...Manitoba Education!!!)
I had to eventually help her with my change, as she couldn't process it in her head. She yelled for a manager to come to the till. Three times I said "It's $6.10 you owe me" but she either didn't believe me or she really needed a manager's approval. Either way, it was comical and sad all at once.