Wednesday, June 05, 2013


 CBC Reports that theres been yet another CP derailment, this time in Sudbury.

Someone (aside from me) should keep track of these derailments.  As I said in a blog post a couple weeks ago, CP has been cutting and apparently overworking their labour force.  Looks like this time the people of Sudbury are suffering as a result.

If these companies can't operate at a proper level to ensure staffing is sufficient to keep these accidents from happening, the government should step in as they seem do whenever there is a danger of strike that could cause undue trouble to Canadian business.  Are not trail derailments undue trouble to Canadians in general?

I mean, the Conservatives were so quick to legislate an end to potential labour strife at CP.  Yet when CP lays off or fires a large segment of their staff, leading to what could be subsequent operating issues, the government doesn't feel the need to step in there?  Somewhat arbitrary politics, Mister Prime Minister.

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Unknown said...

"Undue trouble to Canadians" is codeword for "bosses not getting exactly what they want".