Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stupid facebook and twitter posts

I hate twitter and Facebook and the foolish corporate sellout of the social internet they represent.  But even worse I hate idiotic posts like the following.

A coyotes fan shocked at the franchise value of the Winnipeg jets and the fact that they lost money.. only problem is that magazine clip is from November 2011 and specifically state most number are based on the Atlanta Thrashers, before the jets even played a game in Winnipeg.  I'm not saying the Jets are going to be 100% profitable, who knows.  They'll have good years and bad, I'm sure.  But to tweet out a bunch of junk about the Winnipeg Jets losing money in 2010-2011.. that's just pathetic.

Then there are people who post stupid photoshops of back to the future saying that today is the date doc and Marty went to the future.  Gullible fools all of them.
I hate them so much.  STOP IT.  JUST STOP.

Such stupidity.

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Unknown said...

You forgot to mention farmville requests.