Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Who says I don't get results?

5 days ago, in my last post, I complained about Shaw, UBB, and what was taking so long with MTS and their HSDPA network rollout. Firstly, Shaw... Whateves, they're dead to me now. Secondly, UBB, The Conservative government realized that to support the already ridiculously overprofitable telcos in this would be sheer madness on a scale never before attempted, and it looks like they're going to put their foot down on the issue, which is great.

But best of all, it looks like someone at MTS has read my blog and realized that if they want me to switch, they should give me a timeline for their new network. And that date is March 31st, coincidentally the last date on my Rogers cell phone plan. Almost suspiciously so. MTS website link is here.

Will MTS keep their "unlimited" data plans with the HSPA+? I think it would be wise of them to do so, as they would effectively shut down Telus, Bell, and Rogers flat (and minimize the potential threat of Wind Mobile and others). Perhaps a wise business strategy would be to offer 30 gigs as the base amount at $30, 60 gigs at $60, and unlimited for $80-$100 a month. I think there are a number of people who would willingly pay $100 a month for unlimited mobile internet throughout Manitoba. It would be also be good for people outside of Winnipeg to actually have useable high speed data access who otherwise would be stuck on dialup or satellite. But, I don't work for MTS so whatever. Though people who can bundle home internet with HSPA+ should get a reasonable discount. I mean, they're paying twice for the same service. I totally can't wait to see all those Mennonite farms hooked up to Facebook.

MTS however should have taken a stand publically against UBB, rather then their mealy mouthed comments that essentially amounted to "maybe.. maybe not.. we dunno.. depends on what our astrologer tells us" .. it would have made them look more appealing than Shaw, who has lowered their caps, and is attempting to push UBB themselves. Now that the winds of public gamma ray induced rage are moving parliament into fast action against it, they may have missed their opportunity to ingratiate themselves upon people who might want to give MTS a chance.

Also I think MTS should just rebrand themselves Allstream. Drop the MTS.

And most importantly, I'm partial to an HTC google phone or perhaps a Sony playstation phone or Xperia X12. I haven't decided yet.

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