Saturday, January 08, 2011

Followup on Zellers hours downtown

I spoke to soon in my last post. They seemed to have changed their store hours to closing at 7pm monday to friday, and 6 on saturday and sunday. Kind of disappointing, but there you have it. Understandable, at least for the Bay. Why does everything downtown need to close early though? I understand some businesses exist merely to serve the workers in the area, but what with the MTS Centre and some residential there, you'd think there'd be enough presence for them to at least stay open until 8pm Monday to Saturday. I suppose they didn't really have much sales during the time they were open during the christmas rush and used that as a basis.. but they just opened up. I would like to think they'd give it a bit more time to build up regular customers.

Also, has anyone else noticed the unsynchronized crossing signals for the blind play out "FIGARO" at Portage and Vaughn?

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