Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I should change the name of the blog to Reed Solomon hates public transit. I probably already ranted about how i hate sick people who take the bus rather than kill themselves, but did you know I also hate when wheelchairs get on the bus? I DO! they take forever to get on, deploy the ramp and shit. and then all the old people who sit at the front have to move to the back where i am and stink it up with their old people stink. But fine, whatever, i can live with it. But what I hate worse is people with baby carriages who get on the bus. If you have a baby, stay off the damn bus with your huge ass baby carriage. and a lot of the time they try to get on the bus and then they have like 3 baby carriages and a wheelchair. seriously, its ridiculous. its like bringing a shopping cart on the bus. I like taking the bus because i dont get road rage, but then i get poor people rage. I can't win. I guess if i had a limo and a servant who drove me around, that'd be ideal. I'll have to look into that I guess. But I wouldn't get a tax credit for that :(


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ok so this is prolly gonna piss someone off but.... you know whats the worst?? WELFARE DAY when all the moms with their HUGE strollers pile onto the bus at the same time at the same stop.
#15 Mountain on welfare day. I had no idea that it was possible to cram 6 strollers onto the same bus and the bus driver not even flinch.