Saturday, April 12, 2008

XM satellite radio wee woo waa wee waa

I bought me one of them there SATELLITE RADIOS. Futureshop, had XM Satellite radios for $9.99 with 3 months free, So I bought one, cause hey, at the very least, i get 3 months and a radio for $10.

Now, Fine, some people hate Coldplay. I have nothing against them. I know at least one of their songs I like. But whatever, this isn't about Coldplay, who aren't musical whores in the same sense as Hootie and the Blowfish were. This is about the XM radio.

It comes with like 130 channels. A lot of them are sports channels. NHL, MLB. That's where xm has sirius beat. Sports. They also offer channels like BBC radio news, Air America for some reason, like 3 or 4 Fox News stations , and a bunch of music channels with un-decipherable names like "Lucy" and "The Hype" and "Oprah and Friends"... what does that even mean? Oprah and Friends? She had someone named Dr Robin or something on the whole day the other day. Not that I listened to it, I was just, you know, dialing through the different stations constantly looking for something that might hold my attention.

There are 4 comedy stations, which play the full gamut from Gilbert Gottfried to Dane Cook...

To be honest, I'm rather well served locally for radio stations. Winnipeg's radio stations are far more interesting than any station on XM. 92 Citi has gone from crappy suckage a few years ago to THE place for listening to Classic Rock. Plus they occasionally have radio personalities who know what they're talking about when it comes to placing a historical anecdote before the song gets played. Power 97, is okay though they're nowhere near the greatness they achieved a couple years ago. CJOB is great for really annoying talk radio, sadly they didn't get an FM license, and I don't bother listening on my cell phone, but CBC radio one and two are on FM and I listen to them occasionally when I run out of podcasts. Heck even the pop stations serve their audience well.

I figured maybe it would be useful to listen to NHL broadcasts. Calgary was playing the other day and their commentator was really BORING. I switched to the Anaheim game, and the ducks were losing to the Stars.. I just couldn't get into it.

Sirius and XM in the USA have made intentions to merge. I haven't tried Sirius, though I do enjoy CBC radio on occasion (Aside from the liberal bullshit they cram down your throat for no good reason) ... Sirius has a couple stations I'd probably be interested in as well. But all in all, there are no plans in Canada for Sirius and XM to merge here too.. so, it hardly matters. It probably wouldn't keep me subscribing anyways.

One thing I found interesting though was that reception indoors was pretty decent even without placing the antenna anywhere near the southern sky. They must beam that signal down hardcore like a bitch. Either that or they broadcast Terrestrially in Winnipeg.

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