Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Greetings Internet Friends!

Hello Internets and various other interlopers. I am Reed Solomon and this is my Blog. Here forthwith you will find my outlet for various rantings pertaining to things that are relevant. I reside in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where I have been made privy to the secrets of everything that ever was. It is a heavy burden, so fortunately the good google owned folks at have offered me a free web site in order to alleviate this terrible albatros off my back like in the story of Atlas in greek mythology. Or Astro Boy. I can't remember, but I do believe he was covered in gold and the snow made machines go haywire perhaps. In any case, Stay tuned for creative writing, rants against stupidity, rants in favour of stupidity, nonsense, and perhaps news and made up personal stories about me.

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